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Last Thursday, the Made in Group was joined by Made in Yorkshire Patrons, the Partners Group for a live Q&A webinar where the focus of the discussion was how members can positively engage with their clients, and the wider role of PR during the current Coronavirus outbreak. 

Held today 2:30 pm via Zoom on the backend of the Made Platform, members were joined by the company director, Karen Tinkler as well as Senior Account Executive Joe Richardson where the two shared their knowledge and advice to members who submitted several questions in relation to PR.

As part of the interview, both Karen and Joe discussed some of the online resources that the Partners Group has put together, and that are free to access online. These include Preparing for and coping with a crisis online, Preparing for and coping in a crisis, and Stand out from the crow: Creating a professional and engaging LinkedIn Profile.

Check out the clips of the live interview below.

How to engage with clients during shutdown

In this first section, we ask the Partners Group how members can engage with their clients during the shutdown. In this section, you'll learn about the type of message you should be sharing, what platforms you should be sharing that message on as well as how often you should be sharing a message.

PR During COVID 19

In the second section, the Partners Group answer member questions on how to handle your companies PR during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Best Practice Tips

In the third section, both Karen and Joe share their best pratice tips with members. 

What are some good Internal PR Methods?

We know a lot of members are currently working at home. In the final section, the Partners Group share with members some of the ways that management can communicate with their staff during the ongoing outbreak.

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