Made in Yorkshire patron The Partners Group is launching free guides for manufacturing and engineering businesses to help overcome some of the key challenges the sector faces.

Recruiting talent into the industry, preparing a manufacturing business for sale, embracing and communicating a CSR strategy, and crisis communications are all among the topics Partners will cover in a series of white papers.

The first - How to use PR to attract the next generation of manufacturers – is designed to help manufacturing businesses combat the skills shortage in the sector and plan for long-term success. It will launch at next week’s Backing Britain 3.0 expo.

Partners is a team of PR and communications experts who have been working with manufacturing and engineering businesses since the agency was founded over 30 years ago. They joined Made in Yorkshire in 2019.

Director Karen Tinkler says, “Like so many industries in the post-pandemic world, UK manufacturing is undergoing a period of seismic change. These changes present both challenges and opportunities for the sector. Despite being plagued by staff gaps, supply chain shortages, and Brexit, UK manufacturing remains resilient. It continues to evolve in line with Industry 4.0, identifying new methods for cutting costs and upping productivity.

“But with a new wave of technology comes a new generation. Enter Generation Z – the young, proactive workforce who come armed with innate digital knowledge. Technological advancements offer great commercial gains, while fresh talent can propel the industry forward. It’s about connecting the two, and PR has a key role to play.

“Our first guide will help manufacturing businesses identify proof points and use PR to communicate effectively with Generation Z to attract new talent into the sector – and, importantly, into their businesses.”

The guide will be published on the Partners Group website. To access it, click here.


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